Getting ready for flying season!

It’s my hope that 2017 is a year of change for FFC. We’ve struggled the last few years with declining membership and participation and have seen interest shift from gas & glow models to smaller electric models. First-person view multirotors have also seen a big rise in popularity across the country.

As a club, we need to evolve in order to survive. We need to attract more people to model aviation and that means embracing current trends. This website overhaul is intended to be a large part of that. We want to make it easy for people to join our organization, so we’ve added online registration. The events page will make it easy for visiting pilots to pay landing fees online before they arrive. Facebook integration keeps the site current with activity from everyone participating in our Facebook page. And we’ll learn new ways to attract more people to the club as we progress.

With all this change will come some disappointment from others as old traditions give way to new ideas. But the goal remains the same. Provide a safe & open place where anyone can come and enjoy playing with their toy aircraft with other model aviation nuts. It’s gonna be a good year!