Lawnmower Fundraiser!



I haven’t been very good at writing new articles for the FFC site. We’ve had such a great flying season so far that it just hasn’t been on my radar.

Since February, we’ve doubled our membership. To me, this is fantastic and far better than I expected in such a short period of time. The club’s operating expenses are covered and we can now start saving towards field improvements.

Our first priority is a new mower. Our John Deere tractor has seen better days and is now in need of a new starter. The cost to replace it just isn’t worth it on such an old mower. We’ve decided the best course of action is to sell it for whatever we can get for it. The Simplicity mower is running, but is in need of some maintenance. We are confident that with some preventative care, we can get at least a few more seasons out of it.

So that means now is the time to raise money to purchase a new mower. We are planning to make a purchase this year when the local stores run clearance sales. A basic garden tractor is all we really need and should last us several years before we wear it out.

With the Balloon Fest coming up in 2 days, we’ll be raffling off a canopy and chairs. All proceeds from this raffle will go directly into our new mower fund. The same is planned for all proceeds from our Open House on August 19th. We’re hopeful this will get us at least 1/3 of the way to a new mower.  

There’s a Donate button at the top of this post. Any donation would be appreciated and will be ear-marked specifically for field improvements. Once we’ve covered the cost of a new mower, our next major improvement will be a small play-set for kids. We want the field to be a place families can enjoy. We know that sometimes the kids can only watch airplanes for so long. 

We’d also like to eventually add a fire-pit in front of the club shed. We think this could be a nice place to sit and relax after a day of flying. Our annual events don’t need to stop mid-afternoon. Providing a place to sit and relax might encourage people to spend more time at the field. 

Scott and I want to thank all of club members for helping make this year one of our best years in awhile. It’s been great to see so many people at the field every weekend and Wednesday evenings. FPV night has grown every month and has been a lot of fun. There’s already talk of adding an open-flying night/training night next year. 

There’s still a lot of good flying weather left in 2017! Lets keep the momentum going!